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About Us

Me & Fashion & Life

Just apposing two extreme opposite cultures thrills us tremendously. We always wonder how an ancient traditional custom, or ethnic & heritage art or design patterns whenever come across to an extreme futuristic thought pattern or objects/visual generates a shock wave to our brain. This shock wave has inspired us & casts enough light towards the creation of our collection of Creative concept design works. But mere spark of the creativity in fashion - ridding on wild & extreme concepts & thoughts, is not always a key element to sustain it in a flux of Today's business of fashion.

VedicBelle.co.in - The Group Has been into this industry since past 25 Yrs, into the field of Manufacturing, Retailing and Wholesaling. Our Brands Named "PARAG" is the Leader in the Textile industry having its roots indebted since the start of Fashion.

In this portal we have kept our in depth consideration in the major aspects of satisfying all Kinds of Customers with Quality Products and Efficient Service.

Launching Creative Products at Competitive Pricing – Having their own niche in the Global market is the Key of our Group.

Customer Satisfaction

We make sure as to what we commit we stand by it. The quality of all products are checked at all stages of manufacturing - keeping Its Standards to its maximum. We If necessary also suggest our Bulk clients to visit our premises for final Inspection to check the product before its final Packaging. We believe in total transparency for which the market has accepted us for this many years.

  • Our Success mantra in today's global business of fashion indicates towards a unique code of comfortable, beautiful & affordable fashion, yet innovative & high quality – ABSOLUTE PERFECTION.
  • Our design philosophy lies in balancing the wild & extreme designs & art forms with beautiful & eye soothing elements, with 100 % originality guaranteed.
  • Good quality in all terms & luxury in every aspect is the key element of VedicBelle . We always think wildness & extreme thoughts which itself correlates to a Beautiful Bride.
  • Every Design possesses an element of passion, with utmost creativity.
  • Spinning wild ideas into a soothing, beautiful & wearable shape forms itself is a passionate experience - moment for us it is a perfect love affair.

Brief Preview

Our concepts are based on the study of the life of a young nomadic westerner or a true traveller or a bound free globe trotter, whenever comes down from all the way overseas to India, their further transformation is so amazing & bit spiritual into a Buddhist monk or a Hindu saint. They might be attending ancient pranayama practices, Vedic teachings, ancient Yogic Mudra lessons, ayurvedic treatments & rituals, prayers & mantras chanting. Most of them follow & practice these teachings life long; might not be outwardly but may be inwardly! Few of them spend their entire life on Ganges' Ghats or in the lap of great Himalayas. These green-blue eyes & white skin possessing gold hair-locks create a cult living. Thy are mysterious & unique. This transformation & melting pots of two different livings & cultures set a few cult visual stories and Ideas for vedicbelle - Liv n Style.